Christmas Is Tomorrow

Or maybe more appropriately, it starts tomorrow. My brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew will be here for four days. Well, really 3, since it’s two full days and two half days. My brother and I are pretty close, and truthfully he’s one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Really though, they could just drop of my little smoosh of a nephew and I’d be a happy girl. When I went to go pick up my grandpa’s car (Sally, we called her) in July, my nephew had just started a total vocabulary explosion. I walked into my mom’s house and he RAN over to me and screamed “Auntie K, Auntie K!!!!” and threw himself into my arms. I’m pretty sure I cried instantly. The whole weekend all he wanted was to hold my hand and sit with me and play with me. It was awesome.

Every time they come and visit there’s some sort of breakthrough with him. Last year it was the bath. He had all of a sudden decided that the bath was not for him and it was a total nightmare trying to get him in it every night. Screaming, the whole bit. Two nights of taking a bath with his cousins N & J and seeing how much fun they had, and he was hooked. Now you can’t even say the word “bath” without him heading for the stairs to go take off his clothes.

This year he’s in the middle of potty training. That one’s a lot harder to have a breakthrough on, but I am hoping having older cousins who potty reliably will be a help to him and my brother and sister in law. (And my mom who watches him during the week). So we’ll see.

It’s supposed to rain heavily the whole time they are here, so we won’t be doing much outdoors, but I am hoping for some fun activities – maybe a little bowling, maybe some roller skating, maybe visiting the train museum. I’m so damned excited to see them we could spend the entire weekend watching football as long as that little dude called me Auntie K I’d be good.

Don’t get me wrong. I am incredibly excited for Christmas day. But tomorrow is the beginning of Christmas for me.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Is Tomorrow

  1. Oooh, sounds like so much fun! Isn’t it awesome being the Chosen One? The one that a little wants to sit near, play with, be like? I remember many years ago, when my cousin who is 11 years my junior was waaaay younger, it was the same deal–she would even order what I ordered at restaurants. Such a thrill for me, as I’d never been a big sister. Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your fam! xoxoxoxoxo

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