Day #20 – 30 Days of Truth

Your views on drugs and alcohol

I grew up with a borderline alcoholic father. I say borderline because he was always able to stop on his own when it became clear he was overdoing it. Dealing with his mother usually required alcohol. I remember he would have to go “walk it off” sometimes when he’d had too much. My mother called him a “morose drunk.” She wasn’t calling him a drunk, just that when he was drinking he would get depressed. My dad drank an entire bottle of wine at the twins’ baptism reception and proceeded to tell my Catholic friends that religion was all “bullshit.” That was the last time I voluntarily provided him with alcohol.

My parents never made alcohol a big issue with us kids. We were never told it was evil or had a locked up liquor cabinet. We’d get a sip of champagne on New Year’s. It wasn’t ever the mystery it was to many of my friends, which I think really kept us out of the cabinet as kids.

In high school, I was in my dad’s marching band, and there was a zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol, and being the good girl I was, I was hard core about it. When I started coaching I was equally hard core about it, and told my kids that if they were ever in a situation they were uncomfortable in and couldn’t call their parents, they could call me.

I never experimented with anything drug related. I’ve smoked cigarettes – my parents both smoked, and to me that was more interesting than alcohol. That’s as “adventurous” as I got. I’ve never smoked pot. And I’ve never been so drunk I don’t remember what I did or said. In fact, I would go so far as to say I’ve never been “drunk,” but I’ve been seriously buzzed.

One of the big things for me about drugs and alcohol is that personally, I never want to be out of control enough to not be aware of what I’m doing. I am perfectly happy being the designated driver, and being the sober one to take care of the kids. I don’t think kids’ parties need alcohol involved, I don’t believe children exist to fetch beers from the fridge, and I think if you are the lone adult home with children, alcohol should be off limits.

Pot? Never tried it, but I feel similarly about it as I do about alcohol. It’s not legal except for medicinally in my home state (word count says 420 right now – sort of funny) – but if it were I would say that I feel like all of the above paragraph would apply. Not around the kids, not when you’re the only parent, etc…

I guess for me, my “feelings” about drugs and alcohol are that they are unnecessary. Sure, can they make something enjoyable? Sharing a drink with a friend or passing a joint around (not that I’ve ever done the latter) can be social and fun, but I can have just as much fun without them.


2 thoughts on “Day #20 – 30 Days of Truth

  1. Eek.

    I was just telling Pumpkin I was a fan of chemicals. I think she thought I was kidding, but now the truth has come after me.

    In my history, I am pretty much the opposite of this entire post. Well, once upon a time anyhow. I am now just a wine drinker and only as my FET was canceled. I think this weekend will be my last hurrah.

    Drugs have killed several people in my life. I don’t know how I was able to get so involved and then stop without serious ramifications. Why does it kill some people and others can (eventually) walk away?

    The only advantage my dark past offers is I will be on Toddlerina like a fierce power. She will have a serious fight to try to get something past this Momma.

    She is waking from her nap right now. Calling out to Elmo. It seems a long way away, but I know the risk isnt far off.

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