Queen of Unfinished Projects

That title keeps making the song “King of Wishful Thinking” run through my head. Anyway…

Growing up I was interested in everything. And I mean just about EVERYTHING. I played the flute. Did gymnastics. Danced. Twirled baton. Acted. In high school I had to take classes at the community college to meet my requirements because I was in too many electives. I had to give up the opportunity to be on swim team to do theater. I was at school by 6:30 for zero period colorguard.

College was no different. Choose a major? Sigh, do I have to? Can I be a photo/dance/theater/psychology/English major? Going to a four-year university straight out of high school was a major mistake because all the fun things I wanted to take were only open to “major” students. I managed a dance class, but beyond that it was all requirements and major (Psychology and Social Behavior) classes, all the time.

When I moved 500 miles from home to be with my first girlfriend, I vowed I would do all the things I always wanted to. Community Theater. Take photography classes. Scrapbook. Learn to sew. Learn to knit. Take dance classes. Coach another colorguard.

My problem is that I am interested in trying so MANY things that I get all excited about something and then something else catches my attention. It’s like, “ooh, look, a shiny thing over there!” and off I go in a totally different direction. As a result, I have become the queen of unfinished projects.

The knitting I never could quite get the hang of. The scrapbooks half done. I did take photography for awhile. Finished a couple of semesters. I did do a few shows locally. Had some fun and made some great friends. Never did learn to sew. I always manage to try and pick up projects when I’m emotional. It’s like this weird coping mechanism. But I hate leaving them unfinished.

So when I decided to take on the task of doing blankets for the kids, I worried. I know they will take awhile, because they are large projects. I’m almost 2 skeins into J’s blanket and it feels manageable, but I really needed a short and sweet project to prove to myself I could finish it. I’m discovering I’m actually enjoying the crocheting and understanding it on a level I never really did before. It’s intuitive to me in ways knitting and other crafty things haven’t ever been.

So I joined Ravelry and searched and searched through pages of free patterns. Apparently, one of the easiest quick patterns for crocheters (crochetists? Crochetologists?) is a set of wrist warmers.

Ok, they might be the geekiest thing ever, but I finished them. And hell, I’m always cold, so why not? And J is so in love with them she wants a pair. You got it, kid. That will be two projects completed. I’ll shed that title yet.


3 thoughts on “Queen of Unfinished Projects

  1. I love those things! Our office is boiling one minute and freezing the next! I think I’ll have to learn how to make those thing so my hands don’t freeze up on the keyboard!

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