And awaaaaayyyyyyy we go

Well, it’s April. So that means it’s time for our annual trip to And my parents’ house. The happiest place on earth and the angstiest place on earth.

Yes, we stay at my parents’ house. Yes, we’d rather stay elsewhere. But between the major cost cutting staying there provides us and the insanity of the family feud NOT staying there would create, it’s just not worth it. I have primed the pump a little that we want to do a year where we stay at one of the on site hotels for the experience for the kids, this year just wasn’t it.

The thing about the Dis.ney trip is even though we do it every year, I’m determined every year to squeeze as many experiences for the kids out of it as possible, and I spend a lot of time stressing over waiting in lines and what time to do x, y, and z. This year, the plan is to let the kids lead more, but with a little direction on the things that we know will be super busy (meeting Princesses, etc…).

The reality is, leaving the experience “unscheduled” leaves me feeling rather twitchy. But there’s a lot that’s new for me this year in how I’m approaching this trip, and so I’m trying to sit back and let it unfold differently, or at least, respond to it differently.

I probably won’t blog until we get back, and I’m hoping to have some bloggable pictures too. I’d like to recreate my blog header (that’s from last year’s trip) at some point and update that too.

I have a few friends who need some love and support. The lovely Roccie has beautiful rising betas and could use some friends along for the wait as she continues to monitor betas and progesterone levels. And there’s a new blog in the IF-sphere, a friend going starting with donor eggs, go give CE some love, would you?

See you in a week!


4 thoughts on “And awaaaaayyyyyyy we go

  1. You remember you were speculating how I came across your blog? I am certain it was from others blog rolls, but what caught my eye the very first time was that photo. It caught me on so many levels once I learned who those little ones were in the photo. It just raised to a whole new level of love to know it is from a D’land trip, esp that it was just last year. What a laugh.

    J has serious velocity in that shot, doesnt she?

    Will be watching you all from way out here on your fabulously up and down trip ahead.

    Thank you for the cheers. 20 minutes until the call. Ugh.

  2. Oooooh, have so much fun!!! I hope your parents are survivable-ish and that they decide to finally be amazing to J and N. What can I say, Disney makes me dreamy. I’ll be right there. πŸ˜‰ xoxoxoxo

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