First IPad Post

So here it is. My first post from the iPad. Forgive any spelling errors. Hopefully I will catch them. I feel like I’m so absent right now. I’m juggling a bunch at work, including looking for a new job. My meeting today only reinforced my desire to find a new job. I’m constantly banging my head against the wall to get the department to follow the rules we have to follow and I am met with resistance. I need to find a place where I can make a difference and where my opinion is valued.

The biggest thing affecting me right now is my right arm. What started as pain in my hand has now turned into pain in my elbow all through my arm to my hand. I’ve got numbness, tingling, and weakness. As well as pain. Last night the pain in my elbow was so bad it woke me up. I don’t see me doctor until the 6th. And I’m hoping to just get out of that a referral to a specialist. Possible diagnoses right now include nerve compression similar to carpal tunnel (but a different nerve) and tennis elbow. Tennis elbow makes me laugh since I don’t play tennis. But it’s apparently a repetitive motion injury, from things like being on a computer or maybe…uh…crocheting.

It’s the latter that make me really sad. I’m in the process of making a blanket for a friend who is getting ready to have a baby and I’m determined to finish it. But I’m afraid there may be an extended break for me after that. We will see.

Speaking of babies. Why is everyone everywhere I turn pregnant or juggling a newborn right now? Sigh. It’s hard to not even be trying right now. I feel like I’m a little turned in and isolated right now. I’m not really sure how to change that.

So even if I’m quiet for awhile, know I’m always keeping up with you all through your blogs.


3 thoughts on “First IPad Post

  1. What the eff, dude? What’s with this arm stuff? Flat-out bullshit. I think your arm is trying to tell you to quit your job and do something more fulfilling. Or I’m trying to tell you that and your arm is reacting to the stress in your life. Or the arm stuff just sucks and hopefully you can figure out what’s up. Also, quit your job. Love you.

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