Random Randomness

Have you ever had a strange spike in blog visits (for those of you who track that sort of thing) and been unable to assess where that has come from? WordPress keeps track of where click throughs come from, so I often see when comments I’ve left on blogs result in visits to my blog. That sort of stuff makes sense to me.

But last week, I got this strange spike in views from wordpress.com according the referring stats section in my blog dashboard. My blog isn’t easily searched, and it’s never been part of wordpress’s “freshly pressed” section, so I can’t quite figure out how my normally quiet little corner of the internet garnered over 183 visits last Thursday.


I’m still sick. It’s not the most sick I’ve ever been, but it’s certainly exhausting and annoying. And I’ve almost completely lost my voice. For some in my immediate circles (including those I manage at work), this may seem like a blessing. But it makes it really hard to yell up the stairs to my kids in the playroom to come downstairs and let the dogs out while I watch tv and eat bon bons. I joke. Maybe.


There’s a lot going on around the internet right now that I’d love to sit and comment on. For some reason I can’t seem to put two thoughts together without getting distracted by shiny objects. Maybe it’s just that it’s that time of year and I feel pulled in many different directions. Having the twins in school has created a whole different dynamic, too. Now we have things like field trips and parent-teacher conferences thrown in with all the things we normally do around this time. Blogging unfortunately gets left at the bottom of the list a lot of days, despite all the blogging that goes on in my head (what, you mean you can’t read that stuff?).


The kids have their first big field trip this week. About an hour long bus ride and a full day instead of a half day means mommy is very nervous. I worry about my prone-to-carsickness daughter and getting a phone call in the middle of the trip that I need to come get her (I will give her teacher a heads up). I wish I were a SAHM at times like this so I could just go with them. I know I need to let things go and allow them the freedom to do things without me, but they’re only five. I just want it to be a good experience and it’s hard to think of not being there with them. Yes, I’m completely that mother that has a hard time letting go, and most days I’m certain I need them more than they need me. They’ve already taken to answering “learned” when I ask what they did in school, forcing me to practically pull teeth to get more out of them. Sometimes it seems like school is this little inside joke they share with each other and don’t want to let us in on. I’m definitely going to struggle as they get older and want to share less and less.


I have some friends going through some rough spots. If you can keep a little newborn in the NICU and his family in your thoughts, as well as some friends going through some scary medical tests this week, I’d appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Random Randomness

    • I did get a bunch of traffic from that. But there is a second spike just showing from WordPress that I don’t quite get. Ps. Thanks for the traffic!

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