Seven Snippets Fridays – Volume 2

— 1 —

I have serious blogger’s remorse over yesterday’s post. I think that’s why I don’t post daily, because sometimes I go on and on and don’t know if what I’m posting makes sense, so I’ll sit on things for awhile. But, in my quest to embrace the imperfect, the post will stay.

— 2 —

For almost two months now I’ve been trying to find a riding instructor. I wouldn’t think it would be this difficult to find someone I want to PAY MONEY to for them to teach me to do something. I may have found one. This is the third I’ve been in contact with. If she still contacts me back when I connect with her again at the end of the month, we’ll have a winner.

— 3 —

We’re taking family photos this month. In my attempt to save money on clothing for the photo shoot, I started a scarf for me to wear over a sweater I already have. But I’m starting to hate the yarn and the pattern. Maybe it’s just the yarn. But I’ve now spent two and a half evenings working on it and not only is it nowhere near even ¼ of the way done, I’ve lost my motivation to even continue working on it.

— 4 —

I’m very frustrated that I’ve been unable to coordinate getting my tattoo for this summer’s miscarriage. Money just has been diverted to other things and I really really want to make sure it happens before we start trying again in January.

— 5 —

I need help getting my daughter to eat. My twins were GREAT eaters until about a year or so ago. They’d eat kidney beans, peas, sweet potatoes, chicken, pork, they’d try almost anything. Now, if it doesn’t have peanut butter or processed cheese powder on it, they practically refuse to even try it. N is a little better than J right now, but I’ll take any and all advice on getting them to diversify their food choices.

— 6 —

I find spelling and grammatical errors very easily, and find myself irritated when I find them on things like, say, my children’s school’s website. The PTO just posted to facebook, “Whose ready for the Fall Festival?” Sigh. I’m not someone who corrects facebook statuses or anything like that, but if you’re supposed to be representing an educational institution, someone needs to ensure that things are correct. The school’s website currently has a post up about the school being a California Distinguished School, and “distinguished” is misspelled. Double sigh.

— 7 —

My wife says I’m due for a hairstyle change, and I am afraid. She’s right, but I can’t decide if said change will come before or after family holiday pictures this month. Any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “Seven Snippets Fridays – Volume 2

  1. My son is a picky eater. All food must now be adorned with BBQ sauce, plum sauce or ketchup. We finally caved to let him adorn his meal with condiments – broccoli and BBQ sauce isn’t my choice of a matching pair, but if you’ll eat something green I’m happy. We’re hoping this is a phase.

    On finding the money for the tattoo, do you have stuff you can sell that you’re no longer in need of? I need to put a bit aside for a trip so I’m hoarding all of my “found money.” Dental reimbursements, selling a high chair or old computer monitor, clothing, etc. It’s surprising how fast the little bits can add up.

  2. “Dips” do it for my kids, too. The best thing is that a squeeze of ranch dressing into a big dollop of plain yogurt still tastes like ranch dressing to them, and they’ll eat almost anything they can dip.

  3. I feel you on #6! And, upon finding such errors, I am prone to rants about how the entire English language is devolving before our eyes and 20 years from now we’re going to be struggling to interpret a subjective language of phonetic-based short-hand, all written in “text speak”… I exaggerate, but only slightly. I have quite the doomsday streak at times. M is sooo lucky. 😉

  4. Sarah Kate was a GREAT eater until she started school – I think it was the peer pressure of the kids around her who proclaimed their disdain for various foods that she liked. Drove me NUTS. Thankfully, she’s mostly grown out of it and is back to eating well.

    I’m also one of those who is irritated by spelling and grammatical errors. In addition, I am not a fan of childcare facilities with names like “Kids Kount” or “Kids Kare” or any other faux-visual alliteration (and that sentence I wrote makes me sound unbelievably pretentious…)

    Thanks for participating in Seven Snippets! I’m sorry I didn’t make it over earlier – I was traveling all weekend!

  5. Be gentle w my do, ok? Long may she reign.

    I love change but I fear for the pelt like a cheap 70s poster girl from old style Houston.

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