And Now, For my 400th Post!

Happy 400th post to me!

To celebrate, I woke up this morning to the celebratory sounds of gunshots in the distance. Wait. What?

Yes. Gunshots.

Last week, apparently, was the opening of duck and pheasant season. For those of you who have been to my house, you probably are as confused as I was when I discovered this. We do NOT live in the country. We live in a very suburban area just west of the state capitol (like 7 miles from the capitol). Our house is spitting distance from our neighbor’s homes, and our lots are the size of postage stamps. We have a Target within two miles of our house.

This is not the country.

So when 7 am rolls around and you hear POP POP POP the last thing you’re going to think of is, “Oh hey, it must be duck season.”

But, apparently, there’s a wildlife reserve back behind us not too far, and they allow hunting for a short time in the fall. And while it’s not close enough to see, it’s close enough to hear (and be woken up by ON MY DAYS OFF). I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the season officially closes January 31st. I’m thinking of putting a ticker on my website.

I wish I had something more insightful for my 400th post. Currently I’m procrastinating all the work I need to do around the house today. Laundry, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, etc… But fall/winter has finally descended on us and it’s cold and gloomy and I’d much rather blog about nothing sitting in front of the fire.

I plan to spend my day figuring out Christmas gifts, cleaning, and hopefully sleeping soundly until the gunshots wake me again tomorrow.


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