Chicken Dinner

We have a winner. To be revealed at the end of the post. HA! Sure, I know you could just scroll down to the end of the post and find out who it is, but I’m going to swim in optimism today and believe you’ll read everything between here and there first.

Ok. I’ll wait for you to scroll down and find out who it is. Let me know when you’re back.

Done? Good. On to some random bits for today.

Holy COW have I bit off a lot this holiday season. My list of things to make for people seems to be growing and every time I cross something off the list I replace it with something else. It’s a test of my perfectionist tendencies to not be hyper critical of my work. I am going to put in some serious time this week towards the list and I’m thinking I can get a few more items crossed off by the weekend. It’s difficult because I’m solo parenting this week six days in a row and sometimes that makes it hard to get stuff done.

Does anyone else have to clear ALL your Words with Friends games before you can close the app and get on with your day? I have this thing that I can’t log in and just play one of them and move to something else. I have to play all my turns before I can close the app. It’s one of the reasons I don’t have the notifications on because I’d be playing all danged day. And for those of you playing Hanging with Friends, is it just me or are the letters they dole out when it’s your turn to make a word simply awful? I mean, how many words can you really make with four U’s, three R’s, two E’s, an F and two Q’s?

I’m going to take a note from Carey’s comment on my Facebook post and restructure how I use the site. An interesting note to that post is that a good friend of mine (who is usually brutally honest in her posts) texted me in response and told me that a friend of hers complained that she’d been too “negative” on facebook. And I realized that facebook is part of the larger discussion that’s been going on around the blogosphere regarding the types of blogs people would rather read – the “warts and all” approach or the “life is wonderful” approach. And I think the thing is that in both sorts of venues, it’s about balance. I have a lot more friends on the site than I’d like to have, but many of them are contacts that I don’t want to lose. So, I’m going to start utilizing lists to have more meaningful interactions with people and still maintain the loose connections I have with those I don’t need to see on a daily basis. Because I realized that a cold turkey approach means I’m not only missing out on those people I am fine with missing out on, but I’m missing things like my nephew’s artwork and that’s not ok.

We’re supposed to take holiday pictures this weekend, and wouldn’t you know it – it’s supposed to rain. This causes me all sorts of anxiety, but hopefully we can manage to get an hour without rain so we can get this done. We’re doing this a lot later than we normally do so I’m getting antsy about it.

I totally got busted singing in the car today. Usually when I pull into the parking lot at work it’s pretty empty and I almost always start the day with the radio up really loud. Before I realized there was someone walking across the lot I was committed to a full out version of Glee’s version of “When I Get You Alone.” Good thing she doesn’t work in my office or I might not be able to look her in the face. But how can you not sing along with this?

This whole “post every day” thing is tough! Halfway through I understand now why people who post every day get paid for it! It’s a lot of work and finding something interesting (or even not so interesting) to talk about every day isn’t easy. Thanks for sticking with me this far. I’ve been loving reading what you all have been writing.

And now, for the winner of our 1000th comment giveaway….

Congrats to socalgemini14! I’ll shoot you an email so you can send me your address. I’m about 3/4 of the way done with your scarf!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Dinner

  1. Thanks, K!
    I can’t play games on my phone anymore, they give me too much anxiety. It is weird, but whatever.
    So funny that you put up that Glee song link. I’ve been getting a Glee primer from our friend who is staying with us this week. He loves the “Bills, Bills, Bills” song.

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