Seven Snippets Friday Volume 5

— 1 —

Kylen has a family. This is great news! But it also means fundraising is sort of on hold until she has a family page. But please read the post on my public blog and read about all the kids who still could use your help.

— 2 —

Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. We have leftovers, including leftover sweets, so it’s a success as far as I’m concerned.

— 3 —

We officially became the people who decorate for Christmas starting the day after Thanksgiving. The kids are thrilled, and the inflatable Santa, snowman, and polar bear are especially excited to be out of the Christmas decoration box since we didn’t actually do any house decorations last year.

— 4 —

I bought knitting needles and some yarn I like. I’ve sort of promised myself I would finish the projects I have on crochet hooks before I pick up the knitting needles but I’m really itching to use them.

— 5 —

Our attempt at doing family pictures was rescheduled due to the rain last weekend, and this Sunday is the new day. Keep your fingers crossed.

— 6 —

We are on week 472 of illness in this house. (So I might be exaggerating). H took the kids to the doctor on Wednesday and N was given a breathing treatment and a prescription for albuterol treatments a few times a day and steroids if it wasn’t working by Saturday. Dr. wasn’t concerned about J. Of course now N sounds MUCH better and J still is stuffed up and coughing. I’m letting it go another week before I email the dr. again.

— 7 —

I now have all three Hunger Games books under my roof again, and I can officially start my full re-read of the series (I was waiting for book #1). I I need something to tide me over until the movie comes out besides watching the trailer over and over again.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Snippets Friday Volume 5

  1. I really like the seven snippets and I may have to bring it over to my blog!

    On sickness, how long can it last? I think the baby has her first cold…just a runny nose really. But it’s coming up two weeks. So is it a cold? Allergies? Who knows! I’d just like everyone to be healthy again.

    Thanks for the Hunger Games update. You’re keeping me on my toes in anticipation of its release!

    • The doctor told us the kids probably have back to back colds. But every doctor has told us that colds in little ones can last up to two weeks with the lingering cough for another two. As long as there is no fever there generally isnt too much we can do. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it too. It’s not fun.

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