Dragging Myself Off the Couch

Posting this requires being upright, and so I’m dragging my upper half off the couch in order to do it, then going right back to being miserable in the prone position in front of the tv.

I might have more energy if we didn’t have to actually get up, get DRESSED, with makeup and hair and EVERYTHING, for family pictures this morning. Pictures that were rained out last weekend, except they weren’t. We preemptively cancelled the pictures as the clouds loomed, but the rain never fell. Of course, we were well-er last weekend. I say well-er because the truth is we’ve been sick (one or more or all of us) continuously since the second week of school. I’m on my third round, and H’s third round started today. The kids have pretty much had snot since August.

So, in the fog and freezing (for CA anyway) weather, we ventured out to do pictures. Pray she can photoshop our rudolph noses well enough that we will have something for Christmas cards.

We got home, and in true “feed a cold…” fashion, have been eating everything in the house while lamenting our stuffy heads and sandpaper throats.

Can someone bring us some pizza?


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