Two more days. I had higher hopes for this NaBloPoMo thing. I think the constant illness the past two weeks has killed my motivation.

But. We are going to kick this germy crap out of our house. In a few weeks my brother and sister in law will be here with both their kids, and my youngest nephew was born in September. I don’t want to have them not be able to come up because we are all still sick. And in a week and a half my cousin is coming up.

I’m frustrated by my lack of ability to get some decent posts up this last week especially. But by the time I get home, deal with getting everyone filled full of vitamins, cold meds, and handle the details like laundry, I’m beat.

I have a bunch I want to write about.

In the meantime, please go congratulate Roccie on the birth of her new baby boy. I’ve seen a picture of them both, and she’s radiant and he’s adorable and I’m so so so incredibly happy for her.


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