Seven Snippets Friday

— 1 —

I’m on solo parenting duty until Monday due to the fact that my wife is in Vegas with her friends. The kids and I plan to watch movies, stay in our pj’s, and eat pizza and popcorn.

— 2 —

We’re working on teaching the kids to tie their shoes, and why do I not remember it being this difficult? Anyone have any suggestions as to tips and tricks for helping five year olds learn to tie?

— 3 —

Has anyone seen the photo being reposted incessantly on that is a photoshopped picture of a digital pregnancy test that once you blow it up large enough to see says “just kidding” in the digital window? I’m about ready to take everyone off my friend list who posts it. Bitter, party of one? That’s my table today.

— 4 —

J was star of the week at school this week and N is next week’s. This requires us to put a board together with a bunch of pictures of them from birth to now. It’s hard to believe this little missy:

Just lost her first tooth:

— 5 —

Work continues to drive me insane. I’m actively looking for another Department to land in, but it’s a tough time to find a job in State service when so many are getting laid off (those getting layoff notices have priority for open positions). Last week I took the writing test for a position I’d submitted my resume for so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’d at least like to get an interview.

— 6 —

J has a habit of leaving me little notes after bedtime. She manages to sneak out of her room after drawing me a picture and leaves it at the top of the stairs or on my nightstand. The most recent one had a picture of an owl, and just to be sure I knew it was an owl, she drew three arrows pointing to it and wrote “It is a owl” at the top. Holy cuteness.

— 7 —

I finished the Hunger Games trilogy. For the second time. I’m a total teenage girl when it comes to these books and the impending movie. I’m actually hoping to be able to go to a midnight showing when it’s released. While I loved Harry Potter and enjoyed Twilight but wasn’t fanatical about it, the Hunger Games has me hooked. Any fans here? Team Peeta? Team Gale? Favorite moments? Come on, I need something to tide me over until the movie comes out!

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6 thoughts on “Seven Snippets Friday

  1. Not that I’m counting or anything, but I do not think that you’ve yet had a snippet post that hasn’t mentioned the Hunger Games 😉

    Losing teeth already? Oh my goodness!

  2. Haven’t read any of the Hunger Games, Twilight, or Harry Potter books (I know, right?) I might pick up a Harry Potter is Rowling will ever let me have a Kindle version…

    And we didn’t teach Sarah Kate to tie her shoes until she was seven (I KNOW!) She wore Crocs with her braces for three years and it didn’t dawn on us until then that she’d never learned. It took about ten minutes to teach her.

  3. *SPOILER WARNING* (I don’t think there are many spoilers in this comment–but figured it’s better to warn than have someone be annoyed!)

    I just read The Hunger Games this winter break when I could finally read for pleasure. I bought the first one on kindle sometime last semester–I think because you and others kept saying I should read them. After New Year’s I read it on my trip to Mexico–and then promptly bought the second and third ones. (yay for one click ordering on the kindle.) I think I read them all in three days! They were awesome. I can’t wait for the movie to come out, especially since I just googled the trailer. Holy moly. I really like the actor who plays Peeta. I just wonder how they are going to handle the violence without replicating for American audiences what the Hunger Games is for the capital.

    You asked for favorite moment–and it is definitely not my favorite moment in terms of feeling good but the one moment that I keep thinking about over and over is when she covers her friend in flowers. (I won’t say more because I don’t want to give away more of the plot).

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books.

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