Seven Snippets Friday

— 1 —

Tonight is D-day. J’s first school dance. Dress has been altered, a suitable jacket has been obtained (via a friend at work), flowers will be picked up today, and I’m leaving early so we can try and squeeze together 30 minutes to get her ready before her Uncle gets here. My inner pageant mom loves this. My regular “stop growing up so fast” mom brain is bordering on the edge of tears.

— 2 —

I was incredibly frustrated by my neurology appointment but the prednisone seems to have been a godsend. I’m stressed about the side effects once I’m done with it (apparently coming off of it can be as bad as going on) but it’s a taper dose pack, starting with 6 pills on day one tapering to 1 pill on day 6. I’m not entirely pain free, but I’ve not taken any migraine meds in two and half days. This is good. My stomach is less than thrilled today, however, so we’ll see how the rest of the day progresses.

— 3 —

I want to blog about this assumption I’m discovering out in the world which is that kids who are in extra curricular activities have a stay at home parent to manage their schedules. I say this because more than a few times now I’ve looked into something for the kids (children’s choir, gymnastics, dance, etc…) only to find that the age range my kids are in means the activity starts around 3pm. I know very few stay at home moms/dads. How do people make this work? And how unfair is it to the kids that things are scheduled this way? More on this to come maybe at a later date, but I’m interested in some thoughts from others. I know it’s been extremely frustrating for me.

— 4 —

My dad’s been going through a bunch of medical tests. My mom called yesterday to say that the big scaries have been ruled out. This is good news.

— 5 —

I’m addicted to I even got my first shipment of real life stickers yesterday. If you don’t know what it is, it’s yet another “checking in” kind of app but this time more about what you’re watching/listening to/thinking about. The movie and tv and radio folks have caught on and you can earn virtual “stickers” that sometimes are only available during a certain time or after a certain number of check-ins. It’s a total time waster, but oddly like a fun treasure hunt too. After 20 stickers you can order real ones. This appeals so much to the 11 year old girl in me. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with the stickers.

— 6 —

When the iPhone 5 comes out, we are going to be switching cell phone providers (more than likely, anyway). We are currently with AT&T, however I can only stand in two locations in my house to hold a phone call without dropping it. I’m not happy about losing simultaneous voice and data with AT&T (which yes, I actually use) but I need to be able to make a call as well. So, the question is – Verizon or Sprint? I like unlimited data through Sprint so that’s a STRONG draw for me. Any input from you all?

— 7 —

So far this cycle is progressing. My left ovary decided not to play but my right one is in the game. 4-5 leading follicles, and as the dr. was so kind to point out, at my age that’s not cause to cancel. Back Sunday for follicle check and possible IUI scheduling. Fingers crossed.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Snippets Friday

  1. Sprint! We’ve been with Sprint for years and have been very satisfied with them. Also, Sprint offers “free” cell to cell calls regardless of carrier… i.e. you can speak to anyone on their cell for free. It’s a nice little perk. :o)

    Call or text me tomorrow to let me know what the dr. says. Love you!!

  2. Oh, no. Pageant mom? Really? I can handle the fact that our politics are polar opposites, but I don’t think I can be your friend if you become a pageant mom.

    I kid, of course. Love ya!

    As for the extracurriculars, I am a SAHM and I think you’re right. We don’t do lots of that stuff – swim team in the summer (9:15 am) and softball right now (6 pm or 7:15pm in the evening, but we’re in a smallish town so working folks can get there), and SK used to do guitar (3 pm). I always wonder how other moms do it all – one of the main reasons I continue to stay at home despite my earlier vows not to be That Mom is because I don’t know how/when the kids would ever get to therapy. The latest PT appointment we can get is 3:15!

    • Not an ACTUAL pageant mom. Heck no. Just that I spent 19 years of my life in a dance, baton twirling, or color guard environment so I am very particular about hair and such. Never ever pageants. For me or my children.

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