SO much has been going on. I almost don’t know where to begin. Maybe a bulleted post is more appropriate.

* We said goodbye to my 16 year old Tonkinese cat Daysey last Friday. It was very sad. She’s been with me since I lived in my parent’s house when I rescued her after I watched a woman dump her on the street.

* N and J turned SIX on Monday!!! I am behind in writing their birthday letter. I am hoping to get it posted this weekend.

* We celebrated said birthday with a full day of fun that included breakfast at IH.OP with funny face pancakes, bowling, miniature golf, arcade games, a little league game thrown in for good measure, and a big family and friends dinner. The kids had a blast.

* There’s a lot of change going on with regards to work, but I’m not totally comfortable posting about it yet.

* We sold our truck in an unprecedented 12 hours, which left us with one car until last night when we were able to replace it. We now have a very sensible Hon.da Ac.cord that may or may not have a sunroof and heated leather seats. It’s very pretty.

* There is still a lot of discussion over whether to IVF or not to IVF. I’m not even sure how to start processing it right now. I want to delve into so much around this but I am not even sure where or how to start.

So that’s pretty much my life right now. I haven’t dropped off the planet, promise.


2 thoughts on “Jumble

  1. Sounds like you’re going through a busy time… follow your heart about whether to IVF or not. Thinking of you xo

  2. It’s good to hear from you! I have been a terrible blog commenter lately but I have been reading along and mourning each discouraging test result right along with you. If anyone can sort out the right answer about IVF, it’s you, but I understand feeling unsure of how to even start unpacking all there is to be processed. Happy Birthday to N and J! How generous of you to get them a new car! 😉

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