My Excuse Is No Longer Valid

Yesterday I ran. After the kids went to bed. With my wife at work. 3.25 miles.

While watching The Hunger Games on my iPad.

On a treadmill in my very. own. house.

My life has been totally altered. My excuses, however few they were, are no longer valid.

See, I started running just before the kids got out of school last year. Their schedule wasn’t an issue for me because they were in afternoon kindergarten and H took them to school after I was already at work. So I’d get up in the morning on run days about an hour earlier than normal, run, and then get ready for work.

Now that the twins are in 1st grade, I take them to school in the mornings, then head to work. In order to get all three of us ready and out the door, I’m already getting up when I was getting up on run days previously. So my current schedule looks like this: 6am wake up and get myself ready. 6:45am wake the kids up and get them going. 7:00am-7:30am: Get them fed, make their lunches, keep them moving through teeth brushing and hair, etc… 7:45 out the door to school. Wait on the playground until they walk to their classes, alternating each day who I walk with. 8:15am in the car driving to work, arriving at work by 8:30am.

The problem now, too, is that the seasons are changing and it’s pretty much dark any earlier than 6am. My neighborhood is safe but I’m still not comfortable running in the dark. The evenings start later than they used to now, with me not getting home until 5:30 or 6.

As the summer started to wind down I knew that things were going to have to change for me training-wise, and I’d been pushing to get a treadmill for about a month. H had a very good objection in that while we live in a larger house with lots of extra space right now, when we go to buy next year (we’re renting now) we won’t know if we will have the space for a bulky treadmill. And spending upwards of $1000 on a decent machine then possibly not having room for it in a year was difficult to swallow.

So I started scouring for used treadmills. What a mess. I was grossed out by some of what I saw. So then I thought maybe I could look at more budget friendly new treadmills, but I was concerned that they wouldn’t hold up or be programmable enough for me.

Enter the wonders of fac.ebook. I posted on Friday asking my local friends if anyone had a treadmill gathering dust in their house and if so to let me know because I’d prefer to buy something from a friend I knew had taken care of their machine rather than someone just trying to make a quick buck. A few hours later I had a former co-worker email me and tell me she had a nice treadmill that wasn’t too big that her and her wife were no longer using. I asked her how much she wanted for it and she said, “A dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies.”

I laughed and said, “Seriously, how much?” She replied that they really didn’t want any money for it, I just needed to come and get it.

We picked it up yesterday, and last night I hopped on. It’s going to take some getting used to, and I’m going to have to figure out the quirks of making the programming work for me (and figure out the custom programming) but it was so great to not have to worry about how I was going to squeeze a run into my day. Throw the laundry in the wash and fire up the treadmill and away I went.

I know running on the treadmill isn’t the same as running outside. I know that I will have to work in at least one outdoor run a week into my schedule. But adding the treadmill into the mix has completely changed my outlook on what training for my half marathon looks like. Rain? No problem. Insanely windy (we get that here)? No problem. No time until 10pm? No problem. Nobody to watch the kids? No. Problem.

No problem.

And no excuses.


4 thoughts on “My Excuse Is No Longer Valid

  1. I run on treadmills at the gym. I realized I was doing the same thing and just not feeling it. And then I discovered iTrain – LOVE!!!! Go to their website, you can download them right to your iPhone. iTread – Set 5 and iTread – Set 8. I alternate them with other workouts. They are not too terribly expensive. Check them out….

  2. Oh, that’s SO AWESOME! I’ve been wanting a treadmill for our house for a while now, but haven’t managed to justify it (plus I’m not sure where I’d put it, either).

    Running is running. Keep the incline around 2% and it’s pretty good at simulating what it’s like to run outside. Yay!

    And btw, I meant to comment on your last post, too. The half marathon I signed up for absolutely cemented my love of running. The day I realized I COULD, actually, run 6 miles – farther than I ever thought I’d ever be able to run – was so empowering. And it’s why I love running so, so much. You got this, girlfriend. I can’t wait to read about your journey!


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