I’ve started about 10 blog posts, and stopped each time because I don’t know really how to put how I’m feeling these days down into words. Some of how I’ve felt has been influenced by people who read this blog, and it’s left me feeling a bit stifled.

I also feel intensely private about things that are going on right now, and I’m not entirely certain why.

Running is up and down. Some weeks I’ve really felt great about it, other weeks I feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m off schedule, but yesterday I ran 5 miles that felt amazing, with the exception of my frozen hands from leaving my gloves at home assuming it was warm enough to go without.

I’m here, reading and commenting and trying to be a good friend and supportive to everyone. And I’m sorry for not writing, but I just don’t have much interesting to say. The kids are doing well with school. N is a bit bored so we’re going to have to work on that with his teacher. He started basketball, and J has her first track team meeting on the 27th. That may be a whole post on its own. But she’s really excited so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We’ve been reading Harry Potter. We just finished book two and I’m loving how totally into it the kids are. They love our time together reading it, and they get so excited when it’s time to watch the movie (I won’t let them watch until we finish the book).

They’ve been sick for about a month now. The never ending cold. It seemed to go away only to route back through everyone again. Another few days and it’ll be a doctor’s visit. I just hate to expose them to other things at the dr’s office just to hear him say we have to ride it out.

Emotionally. Well, emotionally it’s interesting. Facebook is either my favorite place or a dreaded destination. The pregnancy announcements recently have been rough, but I’ve managed to handle them without too much issue. I know a girl at work is trying – she just got married last year. She’s sweet, and naive, and told a mutual friend that she was shocked when she just so recently discovered that there are only a few days per month a woman can get pregnant. I sat in awe of the innocence.

So, yeah. Not much interesting to say. I guess, like I often tell my best friend when I’m in this sort of space, I’m just sort of ‘here’. Taking in each day but not really sure how to process what’s next because I’m not really sure what that is.

Maybe it’s the post-holiday lull, or the inevitable winter blues. Either way I wish I had something witty or interesting or even emotional to say. Hopefully that changes soon. How are things with all of you?


One thought on “Rambling

  1. OMG the naivete is so crazy, isn’t it? I’m sure she’ll have no issue, either. *sigh*

    You’re not alone – I’m in the same place. Not much to write about, really.


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