Reason 4,078 why I Hate My Clinic

So, no IUI. Old news. Except there’s also been no period. I’m now a week late. Which could be interesting except unless you’re really late to this party, my spouse is a woman.

I decided to let things go a few days before emailing my doctor to find out what to do. I’ve never had this happen before. The only times my period has ever been late is when I’ve been pregnant. I’m now 8 days late. My assumption is whatever cysts are leftover from the cycle that wasn’t are fucking with my body.

I emailed my doctor yesterday.

His reply:

“I ordered a blood pregnancy test…if negative I ordered progesterone where you take it for 10 days and then stop. That should bring on your menstrual cycle.”

I’ll wait for that to sink in.

I’m not going to explain the sheer amount of frustration I felt in the moment I read his reply. My reply was simple. We didn’t do an IUI. There’s ZERO CHANCE I could be pregnant. Translation: I’M NOT GOING FOR A PREGNANCY TEST YOU ASSHOLE.

He relented (probably actually read my chart and realized his screw up) and ordered the progesterone.

We were already planning on skipping a cycle to let the leftover cysts (yes we were assuming I had at least one) go away and because we are in the midst of trying to buy a house. Now, another 10 days of progesterone plus skipping a cycle puts us squarely into April. Sigh.

Any lottery winners out there want to help me out so I can go to a different clinic?


3 thoughts on “Reason 4,078 why I Hate My Clinic

  1. Ass. Hole. Does that count as a curse word if I split it in half?? Ugghhh. Seriously. How hard is it to get a doctor to take a little time to be at the very least, professional?? Thorough. Maybe, give a crap? I’m sorry mama 😦 ❤ you

  2. Wait, YOUR doctor, the one who theoretically is making decisions about your treatment based on information about your situation didn’t bother to notice the complete lack of exposure to sperm that you’ve had in the last month??? How unhelpful.
    But yay about the house–that sounds stressful but exciting.

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