Remember how I talked about filling in the gaps?  (Link to previous post).  Well, some of this is that, and a bigger part of this is finally taking on something years and years in the making.

When I moved to my current city, I helped my now-ex set up her photography business.  In the process, I took some classes at the community college.  Using her camera equipment, I learned the ins and outs of f-stops, shutter speeds, depth of field, and darkroom chemicals.  Photography had always been a love of mine, and I’d been taking pictures since I was 8, but I’d never had the time to explore it more.  I was always too busy 10 other activities. 

When I moved here, when I was with her, I was incredibly isolated.  Partly by the simple fact I was in a new city in which I knew nobody, and partly because she was incredibly controlling.  So I did what she did, and photographed.  And I truly loved it.  But my time was mostly centered around setting things up for her – getting the business side of things going. 

When we split, I lost access to the camera equipment, and in gaining my independence I also gained a mortgage and related bills that kept me spent to the last penny.  It was all I could do to buy a point-and-shoot, and the idea of buying an SLR or a digital SLR was so far outside the realm of possibility it wasn’t even funny. 

When H and I got together, we moved fairly quickly into family building (or more accurately, trying to build a family).  So all of our available funds and time went into that.  Technology around digital photography changed rapidly, and I was incredibly behind. 

To make a long story short(er), I’m finally in a place where I can focus on photography.  I’m throwing myself into a new project, which will hopefully provide me ample opportunity to learn new techniques, and to hone and refine my skills. 

I’ve launched a new site, solely for images, called KAPturing My 365, the KAP being my initials.  I’ll be doing the 365 challenge, which means a photo a day gets posted to the site, taken that day.  I will allow myself the flexibility to use my iPhone for images on days when things are particularly busy, as well as allowing myself to ‘catch up’ on posting, as long as I’m taking pictures every day.

I’m not sure yet how to balance giving time to all the things I have on my plate – work, the kids’ activities, running, photography.  But my goal is to not beat myself up when something falls behind. 

I’m still going to post here, of course, and that’s one more thing on my list of commitments.  So I hope you’ll all join me over at KAPturing My 365 and watch the images start to pile up.