About Me

Hi! I’m a married, lesbian mom to boy/girl twins born in 2006. We live in the US, on the West Coast, in a city that is fairly liberally-minded and we enjoy the company of many out and open families like our own.

This blog is a chronicle of my life as a wife, a mother, a lesbian, Christian, an infertile, and all stories are true.

What will be kept private, however, are the identities of all the players in this blog. If you know us, please use our initials in comments. Following are the major cast members:

J=daughter, our first born
N=son, younger sibling by 2 minutes


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I wanted to reply to your comment about the change in blog identity, but didn’t have your email address, and I can never tell if people see follow up comments. It’s an excellent question, one that I wrestle with as well … and I went to a session about just this question (with Mel!) at BlogHer. The liveblog (transcript) from the session is here … worth a read: https://www.blogher.com/my-blog-no-longer-fits-me-blogging-after-life-change?wrap=node/478218/virtual-conference/posts .

    The jist of the conversation in the room, though, was that once you build a following, people return because they like your voice and writing, not necessarily because you talk only about your common interest. Most of the people on the panel agreed that it wasn’t necessary to leave your old blog; all of them had integrated their new destination into their old blog identity, explaining that they hadn’t left it *behind*, per se, because it was still a part of them … it just wasn’t the *only* part of them.

    I’m hoping that’s the case … but it’s a sort of scary step to take, because even if our blogs are for *us*, we write here (instead of, say, in a private journal) because there is a “them.”

    And where else, really, do we belong?

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