TTC History

2004 – begin TTC using frozen donor sperm at home. Approx 6-8 at home cycles between 2004 and 2005

2005 – start seeing doctors. Do a clomid IUI – BFN. Switch doctors. Decide to do IVF otherwise we could drain the bank account doing IUI and have no money left for IVF.

August 2005 – IVF #1 – BFP Twins.

April 16, 2006 – B/G twins born at 36w3d.

April 2010 – make the decision to start trying again

July 2010 – FET with remaining embryos from fresh IVF cycle. BFP, initially thought to be triplets, due to crazy weird spotting and wonky beta numbers, despite initial ultrasound showing twins. No heartbeats. Follow up ultrasound confirms no heartbeats. D and C follows.

Done TTC. Or are we?

June/July 2011 – Clomid/Menopur IUI – BFN

July/August 2011 – Clomid/Menopur IUI – BFP on my birthday, chemical/miscarriage


January 2012 – cycle cancelled due to crappy lining (from the clomid)

February 2012 – 2 leftover cysts from January sidelines us again

March 2012 – Picture perfect cycle – BFN


Pause for testing.

FSH comes back at 11, AMH at .5
Finances win and since we can’t afford IVF, we’re done trying. I focus on me – start running and eating better. Run my first 5k, and a half-marathon relay.

Late in 2012, we decide to try one last hurrah if the bloodwork shows good things. Amazingly, FSH comes back at 7.7 and AMH at 1.66. Get the go ahead for IUIs from the RE.

Jan/February 2013 – cycle cancelled due to hyperstim (8 mature follicles). Conservative doctor pulls the plug on the cycle, a month later another doctor in the practice tells me he wouldn’t have cancelled me given my history. Cue anger.

March 2013 – the cycle that never ends. I never start my period from the previous month’s cancelled cycle, and my doctor orders progesterone to jump start things.

April 2013 – good cycle, BFN

May 2013 – cancelled. 6 large cysts.

June 2013 – perfect cycle. BFN.

July 2013 – off for Vegas trip and decision making.


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